{manic mom-days}

{cleaning out the kids’ toys}

I’m here to tell you that TOYS MULTIPLY!

Or it at least feels like they do.

I swear I get a good handle on it and then all of a sudden it is all out of control again.

So, every once in a while like every other month I have the daunting task of sorting through the massive mountain of toys.

I sort through and pile up the random sticks and rocks that seem to have accumulated. The Happy Meal toys that I swear I had already thrown away. The toys that have gotten chewed on, stepped on, fought over one too many times and are now broken. The toys that they have now outgrown. The toys that they swear they just had to have; but have not touched since they got it home.

Once I have this new, less massive pile of no longer needed toys I have to sort some more.

I decide which ones are worth donating, which ones a friend could maybe use, and which ones should just be thrown away. And also the ones that should be thrown back into nature, I’m looking at you sticks and rocks and the occasional bug they thought was a pet now.

We don’t have a play room in this house and we don’t want toys in the living room here so I had to find a new way to store some of their toys.

I decided to use up some of the space under their beds and put some short, plastic containers under there. I sorted the toys despite the fact that this will all be ruined in five seconds into the bins and slid them under their beds!

Well, I probably have some toys to sort, so there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!

How do you sort your kids’ toys?! How often do you go through your kids’ toys?!


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