{manic mom-days}

{cleaning out the kids’ clothes}

With the changing of the seasons and the weather comes the need to change wardrobes.

In the past I have never really sorted a winter wardrobe from a summer wardrobe; but I have found as the littles get older, so do their wardrobes. And with more clothes comes the need to make room in their closets, because their closets don’t grow.

I don’t completely take out every bit of winter clothing.

Mostly because weather is a fickle thing; but also because that requires more work.

So, now that it is spring time, it is time to clean out the kids’ closets.

I go through each kid’s closet looking to first find the clothes that may no longer fit. This is especially necessary in Little Bear’s closet as he is still young enough to grow out of clothes regularly.

However, I do still find some hidden 4T things in my now six year old’s closet. Oooops!

I pick out the ones that no longer fit, the ones that have holes in the knees (I’m looking at you Little Miss), the ones that might be torn or too stained. I decide which can be passed down, which can be donated, and which should probably just be tossed.

Then, I take out super fuzzy, footie pajamas, some of the sweaters, and some of the pants.

Not all of them, as I said, mother nature is a fickle thing and weather is unpredictable. You never know when it will go from a sunny 90 to a windy 60.

I put them in some big, plastic totes and store them in the garage to pull back out come fall.

You know, only a few short HOT months from now.

Guys, I’m kind of scared about my first Georgia summer.

I don’t like being hot…

I don’t like being hot and the kids love being outside.

I’m dooooooomed!

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!

How often do you go through your kids’ closets?! Do you keep any of their clothes as keepsakes?!

AND how do you keep cool in the summer?! Asking for a friend…


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