{manic mom-days}

{going to the bathroom}

We all do it.

Multiple times a day.

We have all had those conversations with our littles about how everyone goes potty. Everyone poops.

But we don’t have conversations about what it’s like to go to the bathroom as a mom. I would include you too dads; but let’s be real, you guys seem immune to this dilemma.

Or we do have conversations about this. Texting our friends. While hiding in the bathroom. With screams coming from the other side of the locked door.

The littles can be sitting quietly, glued to an activity or whatever mind numbing cartoon is on that morning, and as soon as you sneak off to the bathroom they need you. And need you now!

They need you so badly, they come bursting in, ignoring the whole closed bathroom door thing, crying and screaming and you’re thinking they must have lost a finger! NOPE. Netflix paused his precious cartoon and he’s going to just die if it doesn’t start playing again right now!

AND if you the audacity to actually lock the bathroom door, that does not mean you will not be interrupted.

It’s almost worse.

You get the knocking that turns into banging and kicking and you thinking the door is just going to come crashing down.

You get the questions that just get louder and then turn to screaming because you aren’t responding correctly.

You get the fingers, toes, hands under the door, followed by the peeping eyes and the “what are you doing mommy?!”

Oh my gosh the questions!

Why is your underwear bigger than mine?

Why is your underwear pink?

Why can I hear you peeing?

Why do you sit down?

It’s never ending.

And don’t get me started on the things that come out of their mouths while in public restrooms!

At least at home the questions are all aimed at me.

I just imagine anyone else in the restroom is like…


Meanwhile, I am just over here like…


And then I just want to wait until the bathroom clears out before wrangling the kids out of the stall.

It’s amazing anyone with kids ever leaves their house!

Just kidding!

I would go batty if I was cooped up at home all day every day!

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Momday!


6 thoughts on “{going to the bathroom}

    1. lol thanks! no one tells you when you decide to have kids that going to the bathroom will be a group event!


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