{manic mom-days}

{meal planning}

Are you a mom who tries to plan out meals?

I do.

Sometimes, for just a week at a time. Sometimes, for a whole month at a time.

Lately, it has been weekly grocery shopping.

And, I’ll be honest, not much planning.

With Daddy on his work trip, meals are kind of random. And repetitive. And redundant. Not very entertaining Mac. Indubitably Tosh. *brownie points if you giggle at the reference!*

However, normally I am good at planning out the meals. Or at least one meal, dinner.

I sit down and make a list of however many days I am planning for, assign a dinner to each, and then make my grocery list from there.

So, the intent to eat home cooked meals every night is there.

But you know what happens?

The littles decide they suddenly don’t eat chicken nuggets anymore.

The littles decide pizza sounds better than the chicken and vegetables.

The littles decide the dog is starving and should eat their food instead.

The littles decide Subway is the only thing they will eat.

And all my hard work and planning goes out the window. Poof.

Once they get me off my plan, I struggle to get back on my plan.

It’s a slippery slope guys.

I try to stick to the plan!

But, sometimes that drive thru line is just so much easier.

Well, I have some meals to plan, so there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Momday!


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