{creating a starry night}

I have two little boys who LOVE the outdoors.

Well, I have three littles who love the outdoors; but the boys happen to have a woodland themed bedroom.

So, what does every little boy need in their room?

A nightlight!

What better way to scare away the wolves and bears that may be lurking in their den under their bed or in their cave closet?!

To make it a little extra special, I personalized their nightlights.

All I had to do was go to this amazing star map site and plug in the required data – place, date and time. I entered the time and place and date that each little, baby boy was born on saved the star map that was created.

{creating a starry night} star map

I found these 10″ plywood circle and knew they would be the perfect fit for my project!

{creatin a starry night} wood

I couldn’t find the stain that I thought I had. It must have gotten thrown out in the move. Or it is quite possible that it is buried somewhere deep in the pit that is currently our garage. SO I improvised by using some watercolors I already had!

{creating a starry night} water colors

These watercolors literally just make me want to paint all the things!

Yes, I’m weird. I’ll own it.

I went with grey because I thought black would be too dark. AND I just love grey!

Once the circles were painted and dry, I taped the star map to the wood and grabbed the drill!

{creating a starry night} taped

Of course I forgot to charge the drill prior to starting the project *insert eye roll here* so I had to take a few, unplanned, breaks. One of these times I will get my act together!

{creating a starry night} action shot

Yes I used my books to create sawhorses. Please don’t judge me.

I am super, super, super picky about my books and how they are treated and how they look. But this seemed like the best plan of attack!

I promise I was careful and that no books were harmed in the making of these nightlights.

And to now distract you from my blasphemous tactics…

{creating a starry night} face

My face. This is my please oh please don’t drill into the book face. Also, my please oh please oh please don’t crack the board face.

So, so glad my friend was here to capture this one…

Decided I would be real and share the nervous side of crafting! 😉

After a lot of drilling, a lot of charging, and a lot standing up, sitting down, standing up – the stars were all placed!

{creating a starry night} drilled holes

To hide the lights behind the board, I decided to take a page from my floral letter tutorial and create a marquee look.

I cut out strips of card stock paper, used the same grey watercolor to paint them, and then waited for them to dry while I warmed up the hot glue gun.

{creating a starry night} paper strips

I put a strip of hot glue along the edge of the wooden circle and then placed the paper.

{creating a starry night} marquee

Almost done!

Now, I took a string of lights and glued them down to the back side of the board. I wanted to prevent bunching.

{creating a starry night} lights

Last step!

Plug them in!

{creating a starry night} finished

How freaking cute and adorable and sweet is this?!

And I kind of like the hot spots that show through the wood, it makes it look kind of more realistic.

The hardest part of this project is figuring out where to put them in the boys’ forest so that they won’t get hunted down and torn to bits.

What do you think?!

A quick, easy, doable project?!

Will you make one?!



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