{manic mom-days}

{doing your makeup}

Sometimes, just sometimes, I enjoy actually getting to do my makeup.

Like more than just my normal yesterday’s eyeliner touched up and mascara.

Yes, I know, I should wash my eyeliner off every night before I go to bed.

Please don’t yell at me Lacey!

But guys, I forget sometimes.

And by sometimes I mean like…90% of the time…

I wash my face! I just don’t scrub my eyes hard because I wear contacts.

I mean…I definitely take my contacts out daily like a good contact wearing person…

I’m just digging myself a hole here.

You all are probably judging me hard at the moment.


So, there are days where I go for it and try to put foundation on and eye shadow and all that.

And queue the littles.

Little Bear is trying to open bathroom drawers.

Cuddle Bug is asking “What’s that?” for the eightieth time.

Little Miss is asking me to show her how to use this and how to use that.

Little Bear is walking in circles around me trying to squeeze between me and the bathroom counter.

Cuddle Bug has to go potty.

Little Miss wants to paint her nails.

Little Bear has taken off with Mommy’s contact solution.

Cuddle Bug runs the water in the bath tub that no one is about to use.

Little Miss found a spider that needs to be saved.

Little Bear is unraveling the toilet paper.

Cuddle Bug wants to look “so pitty” too.

Little Miss wants to do Mommy’s hair.

Close the door you say?

Yeah, no.

Then I have fingers under the door. Toys under the door. Banging on the door. Trying to open the now locked door.

And when all that fails…

We’ll just go unlock and open the front door and release the dog into the wild. Because he looks like a wolf. *insert eye roll here*

Or we’ll go sneak into the backyard and see if we can spy on mom from the windows.

Or we’ll push chairs up to the counter and get all the snacks.

Seriously, trying to do my makeup can be exhausting!

Hence, yesterday’s eyeliner touched up and mascara…

It’s quicker!

Less shenanigans happen in that amount of time.

Not no shenanigans; but less shenanigans.


3 thoughts on “{doing your makeup}

  1. You make me smile! No judgement here – just respect for what a good mom you are and a chuckle over the humor you use to describe real life.

    Liked by 1 person

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