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{creating family movie nights}

My littles all love movies.

What do they love more than relaxing, watching a movie?

Getting to eat food in the living room while watching.

Family movie nights!

What do they love more than eating dinner while watching a movie?

Eating a movie themed dinner!

Just kidding.

That’s just fun for mom.

I don’t even think they notice there’s a theme.

So, I have picked five popular in this house at least movies and have come up with menus and activities to make it easy for you to create your very own family movie night magic!

movie one

With the release of Incredibles 2 just around the corner as in tomorrow! we have been watching the first one again!

We love The Incredibles and the super hero trouble Mr. Incredible finds himself in and the way his super family comes to the rescue with their own super powers!

the incredibles menu

You can print out this menu easily by downloading this free PDF the incredibles menu.

For the Incredible Hero Subs you just need to buy sub sandwich rolls and any deli meat your littles prefer. The French Fries can just be whichever brand of frozen fries your family likes best, with a dash of salt of course! Elastigirl String Cheese is pretty self explanatory, as is Violet’s Disappearing Grape Pop. For Frozone’s Frozen Yogurt I buy these yogurt tubes and stick them in the freezer before serving!

For an activity before, after, or during the movie you and your littles can create your own super hero mask!

You can print out this mask easily by downloading one of these free PDFs superhero mask or superhero mask2. Just add elastic or string and you have a family of super heros ready for action!

For an activity after the movie, assuming it is bed time soon, you can wind down as a family with some Good Night Yoga! After all your super hero adventures it’s a good idea to stretch out your hard worked muscles before falling asleep.

Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story

We use this book and the whole family loves it! It’s a great way to finish the day!

movie two

I hear there is another Toy Story coming out next year! That being said, I am sure the littles will want to start watching the original again.

The littles love the idea of their toys coming to life when they’re not around. I mean, who doesn’t?! One of the best movies!

toy story menu

You can print out this menu easily by downloading this free PDF toy story menu.

For the Pizza Planet Pizza you can either do frozen pizza, delivery pizza, homemade pizza, or for added family fun do personal homemade pizzas where everyone can top their own! Mr. Potato Chips are just regular potato chips. The Rocket Ship Fruit Kabobs use wooden skewers and chopped fruit. You’re free to use whatever fruits your littles enjoy the most! For the Alien Juice I just used green food coloring in milk. Lastly, for the dessert Little BoPeep Mix just mix mini marshmallows with pretzel sticks as the shepherd’s staff.

For an activity before, after, or during the movie you and your littles can take this quiet book page idea and tweak it to use here!

You don’t have to make a book page; but you can easily cut out some felt pieces to make a reusable Mr. Potato Head that travels well and is a quiet game!

In case you are no good at drawing not that I am any good you can easily download these free PDFs for the body and the parts mister potato head and mister potato head parts.

I drew the body, the shoes, a hat, the arms, two mouths, two ears, a nose, a mustache, a pair of glasses, and eyeballs. You could easily cut out multiple colors of the shoes, hat, and glasses. And even the lips if you have a little girl who likes to play with makeup!

You can finish up your night by reading this book Our Solar System to show your kids where Buzz Lightyear comes from.

Our Solar System

It’s always fun to slip some learning into the family fun!

movie three

Next movie is Tangled! I know this one isn’t new; but we love it!

Little Miss wants her hair to grow as long as Rapunzel’s and she wants her very own Pascal. This mom has a no reptile rule for the moment, so there won’t be any chameleons in this house. However, I did give her a little Pascal of her own when they dressed up as Rapunzel and Pascal for Halloween a few years ago.

I know I am biased; but cutest little Pascal ever! Props to my mom for creating the coolest costumes ever!

tangled menu

You can print out this menu easily by downloading this free PDF tangled menu.

All you need to create the Golden Hair Buttered Noodles is some angel hair pasta, butter, garlic, and salt. For the Orange Slice Boats all you need to do is cut an orange into wedges! Create the Pascal Mixed Vegetables by mixing together your littles’ favorite greens – peas, broccoli, lima beans, green beans. To make the Floating Lantern Lemonade I dyed some water purple with blue and red food coloring and then poured that water into ice cube trays until frozen and then popped the purple ice cubes into some lemonade! Lastly, for the Frying Pan Cookies I took Double Stuffed Oreos and then inserted a Honey Maid graham cracker Dipper into the Oreo filling to make it look like a frying pan.

For an activity before, after, or during the movie you and your littles can make a little Pascal of their very own! In lieu of buying them a real chameleons.

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Projects for Kids of All Ages to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share

You can use the How To in Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts For Kids to create this little guy. You need some green pipe cleaners, a red one, and a marker. You could use any colors i guess since Pascal changes color!

{creating family movie nights} pascal

Martha’s is cuter; but isn’t that always the case. Also, I ran out of regular green pipe cleaners and had to use sparkly ones for the legs and tail!

movie four

Who doesn’t love puppies?! I mean, seriously! If you don’t love puppies I don’t think we can be friends. That being said, one of my favorite Disney movies is 101 Dalmatians. I absolutely love the way it is drawn. Which I realize is a weird reason to love a movie; but, news flash, I’m pretty weird.

Our littles absolutely love the idea of owning 101 dogs. They don’t even have to be Dalmatians, they just think it would be hilarious to own that many dogs. Also, Little Miss has decided that Cruella DeVil should be punched in the face because she’s mean.

101 dalmatians menu

You can print out this menu easily by downloading this free PDF 101 dalmatians menu.

For the Dog Bones think pigs in a blanket, use refrigerator biscuits to wrap a hot dog and make it look like a bone. DeVil Eggs are just regular deviled eggs. For the K9 Krunchies you can use Cheez Its, or whatever cracker your littles prefer. To create the spotted milk all you have to do is use your finger to dab some spots of chocolate syrup along the inside of a glass cup and then fill that glass with milk. For the dessert Dalmatian Mix you put together chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.

For an activity before, after, or during the movie you and your littles can do some Dalmation’s spot math. You can use The Cardboard Box Book to make a giant, DIY dice.

The Cardboard Box Book

 Using the cardboard die you can roll it to determine how many spots the first dog has and then roll it again to determine how many spots the second dog has. Write those numbers in the boxes and then using black M&M’s fill the appropriate Dalmatian in with the appropriate number of spots.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.41.46 PM

Target sells bags of just one color of M&M and black is one of them! Perfect for this math!

Once both dogs have their spots they can count how many spots total there are.

101 dalmatians spot math

You can print out this math sheet easily by downloading this free PDF 101 dalmatians spot math.

Fun, edible, on theme math!

movie five

Lastly, we have the movie Brave. Another one that isn’t new by any means; but still a family favorite in this house!

We love the magic and the music and the cute little bear brothers and their crazy antics! Not to mention that hair! It’s just so amazing!

brave menu

You can print out this menu easily by downloading this free PDF brave menu.

The Macintosh & Cheese can be whatever brand of Mac & Cheese your littles enjoy the most. For the Curly Hair Fries you can just buy frozen curly fries! The Bearies can be a mix of whatever berries may be in season or whichever your littles prefer – blueberries, blackberries, strawberries. To create theWitches Brew I dyed some sprite green with food coloring and added some gummy worms for some extra, creepy fun! Then for this fun, on theme dessert you can make Bear Paws by taking a Nutter Butter cookie and some pretzel sticks, just break the pretzel sticks in then stick them into the cookie filling to look like claws.

For an activity before, after, or during the movie you and your littles can get some blue glow sticks and have fun with your very own wisps!

You can use the wisps to lead your littles to bed at the end of the movie! Before tucking them in tight you can read them B is for Bagpipes alphabet book that will teach them about Scotland.

B Is for Bagpipes : A Scotland Alphabet

We have the B is for Badger book about Wisconsin and the littles love it!

There are five family movie nights for you! I hope you and your family enjoy them.

What are your littles’ favorite movies?!

Do you like to do family movie nights?!

Which one of these will you try first?!

*click on any of the book covers, images, or green links and it will link you to where you can purchase them! these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase my blog will make some money and then i can keep on blogging! so that would be awesome!*


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