{manic mom-days}

{pool time}

It’s that time of year again!

The sun is hiding for days and days behind storm after storm out.

The temperature is rising.

The kids are out of school.

It’s Summer!

And that means it’s pool time!

As a mom I feel like pool time is one of those things that can take forever to get ready for and then the kids are bored five minutes later.

There are times, where I swear it takes me longer to get all their suits on and the towels together and to find that illusive pair of goggles that the someone always thinks they need to play with in their room or in the car than we actually spend at the pool.

It’s too hot outside.

The water is too cold.

So and so splashed me in the face.

I want those goggles instead.

There’s sunscreen in my eyes.

Ooooo pretty flowers!

I’m bored.

And then I just want to scream.

Because I know when we actually have to leave the pool we will go home. Drip water all over the floor. I’ll have to get their wet wet suits off. Then gather their suits and towels and start the wash. Then gather the sunscreen and goggles and floaties back up and put them away before they get lost forever. Get clothes back on the naked kids. And then, at some point, get myself changed.

All for five minutes of fun and twenty minutes of complaining.


Of course there are also the times where one of them is all for being at the pool, one is staring daggers at me because I’m the worst mom ever for forcing them to go to the pool, and Little Bear just sitting in the water like what are we doing guys.

And then there are the rare times when the planets align and all three kids make it easy and have hours and hours of fun at the pool with zero complaints and tears.


Worth it!

But, exhausting.

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Momday!



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