{manic mom-days}


Everyone always seems to spend their weeks waiting for the weekend.

Not this mom.

As a stay at home mom the weekdays and weekends all kind of blend together.

Especially not during deployment.

The weekend literally brings zero change right now.

Between Daddy’s deployment and summer break, a Monday might as well be a Saturday right now.

During the school year, I at least get to entertain Little Miss by sending her off to school! And then I am left with the two boys who are still pretty easily amused.

However, even when we aren’t working our way through a Work Trip, the weekends still pretty much require the same amount of effort from Mom.

I still have to get up early when the littles do.

I still have to make feed them and dress them.

I still have to listen to their arguments and their fighting.

I still have to bandage their skinned knees.

I still have to hose them off when they’ve been attacked by fire ants.

I still have to be asked to watch the same terrible movie twenty thousand times.

All the same stuff that happens during the week happens on the weekend too.

Really, what even are the weekends?

Just four more days until the weekend, for whatever that’s worth.

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Momday!


2 thoughts on “{weekends}

  1. Hang in there. As a single mom who raised two kids alone from the time they were 10 months (Jo) and 4 years (Jeffrey) – I can relate… but with a 27 year old & 32 year old, I can tell you that I look back and miss those times even as hard as they often were. It goes way fast, and suddenly they’re grown ups and you’re on the last day of a vacation you’ve saved for and planned for almost a year and wondering when you’ll get together again. You’re doing a great job – esp. with Daddy away for Work. He and the three kids are very lucky! 💕

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