{how i choose a book}

I know you guys have all read about how I am working my way through the infamous Gilmore Girls List. It’s amazing, it’s varied, it’s lengthy!

So, you are probably thinking that there is really no method to how I choose a book. Sometimes, that is exactly right, i have literally used a random number generator to pick my next read.

However, most of the time, there is a method to the madness that is this list!

As you read last month, there are still books that get me excited to crack open.

And there is definitely a reason I pick some books over others.

{bookish quotes} one

One way I choose a book is the one way everyone tells you not to choose a book!

I think you know where I’m going with this.

Guys, I choose books by their covers!

*insert collective gasp here*

I know, I know.

I am a terrible person!

Only, I am pretty sure I am nowhere near the only bookworm to do this.

A cover matters guys!

Honestly, which of these two covers draws you in and makes you want to crack it open?

                                        Speak, Memory: An Autobiography RevisitedSpeak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited

I am not saying that one cover is bad per say, I am just saying that the one is doing it’s job a little bit better.

Yes, I said job.  The whole point of spending money on your cover design is to market your book! It’s advertising! You want your book to grab attention and hold it so that people are more likely to buy it.

I do not think judging a book by it’s cover is a bad thing.

And honestly, it has never steered me wrong!

{bookish quotes} two

Another thing that gets me excited to read a book is the author.

If I see an author on the list that I have read and enjoyed before I get excited to get my hands on a copy!

However, this also works the other way around.

After not enjoying Jane Austen, seeing that there were a few more of her’s on the list did not get me excited. In fact I only just finished the last Austen on the list because I put it off for so long.

Northanger Abbey

Surprisingly, Northanger Abbey was an enjoyable read for me and I was sad to see it end.

{bookish quotes} three

I try not to listen to hype about books because I am going to read what I read and like what I like.  So hype doesn’t really play a roll in my book choosing process.

However, when it comes to the classics, having heard a lot of talk about the books does get me excited to read them.

It’s like an extra sense of accomplishment that I get when finishing a classic. Be it Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens, Moby Dick by Herman Melville, all of William Shakespeare all of them just make me feel so good when I check them off.

Little DorritMoby-DickThe Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions)

I think because the writing styles are typically so much harder to grasp and work your way through it just makes it that much more satisfying when you close the cover to one or the last time. At least for now.

{bookish quotes} four

This may seem strange; but the length of the book plays a factor in when I pick it up.

Sometimes I am in the mood for something thatI can sit down and read in one sitting.

Sometimes I am in the mood to get lost in a book for couple days.

And sometimes, the thought of diving into and conquering a huge, lengthy book is too enticing to pass up!


I finished up Churchill by Roy Jenkins earlier this year and it was so great to finally cross that great read off my list! I had been excited to read it for awhile; but hadn’t had the energy to dive into a book so large until now. It was so worth it!

{bookish quotes} five

Because I am annoyingly amazingly competitive, being told I can’t do something makes me attack it hard.

When I was told how hard James Joyce’s Ulysses was and when I heard of people not being able to finish it, that was all I needed to hear to make me crack open that beast.

Joyce's Ulysses

I was so determined!

And, in just over a year, I managed to finish it!

I can’t say that I understood all of it; but I understood the gist of what happened on that never ending sixteenth of June.

So, those are my weird reasons for choosing books.

Mostly from the infamous list; but these rules apply in general book picking as well. For me anyway!

How do you choose books?!

What about book gets you excited?!

Have you read any of the ones I mentioned here?!


*click on any of the book covers and it will link you to where you can purchase them! these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase my blog will make some money and then i can keep on blogging! so that would be awesome!*


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