{manic mom-days}


When I was younger, I thought that fireworks were fun and exciting and pretty.

As a mom.

As a pet owner.

And as a military spouse.

I think they’re…pretty?

I mean really they’re just loud, noisy, ill timed things that are bound to wake the littles up. Or to set the dog off, which will inevitably wake the littles up. Or keep the husband up, which will likely keep me up.

This year, Little Miss has taken notice of all of the firework stands around. She keeps asking to buy some and this Mommy is over here like uuuuuuummmm NO!

What’s more fun than littles who are getting woken up throughout the night?

Littles who want to play with fire and explosives.

I am debating sparklers and the little popper things you throw at the ground.

Honestly though, all three littles would handle the sparkler situation differently. Little Miss would love them; but debate actually holding one. Cuddle Bug would be wowed, from a distance. And Little Bear would likely just grab the fire part.

The poppers would be a hit though!

As long as no one tries to put one in their mouth…

Which is a real fear in this house.

A real fear.

Mom life is so much fun guys.

Then there’s this year. The year that the holiday lands on a Wednesday.

You’re probably thinking to yourself ‘What difference does that make?’

Well, I’ll tell you.

This means that it’s not just one weekend packed with illegal firework shows in the neighborhood; but TWO weekends.

Here’s to hoping that our littles magically turn into super sounds sleepers liiiiiike…now.

Just kidding guys!

Little Miss has already sleep walked her way out to the living room and then whined her way back to bed because “I don’t want to be in here anymore”.

Cuddle Bug woke up whimpering once already.

Little Bear decided he didn’t want to go to bed at all, got stuck under his bed instead, and then fought sleep until two hours after his bed time.

So, basically, it’s going to be a long week for me.

Well, I better get to bed before they wake up again, so there you have it.

Happy Manic Momday!

And Happy Independence day a little early!


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