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{creating MORE themed family outings}

Last year, I did a post about creating themed family outings and had so much fun with it, I thought I would do it again! So here are five MORE, pretty simple themed outings that you can do with your littles, that can be done almost anywhere AND for very little money!



A lot of areas have farms that you can go visit. When we lived up Virginia we used to visit this family farm called Frying Pan Farm Park which allowed you to walk around and see the farm animals. In Wisconsin, near my parents’ there is the Bear Den Zoo which has a fun mix or wild life and farm animals.

Wherever you live, I am sure with a little Googling you can find a fun farm near you to visit and pet some friendly animals.

Now, time to milk the cows and pack a fun themed lunch! After working hard or hardly working your little farmers will be famished. Let’s fill their bellies with this cute, packed lunch.

{creating MORE themed family outings} farm lunch

What you will need to create this lunch is…

Using your circle cookie cutter cut out circles from slices of cheese and slices of watermelon. Then take a straw and poke out two snout holes in your slices of watermelon to create the pig noses! Next, take a knife and cut a triangle shape out of your slices of cheese to create the appearance of a chick’s beak. lastly, I used a toothpick to poke “eye” holes above the beak. Now, take some carrots and slice them so that you have two feet for each of your chicks and then cut some thin slices to create the fluff on top of your chick’s head. Lastly, take some pretzel sticks to create a fence to make sure your chicks cannot escape! There you have it! a cute little lunch good enough for any farm adventure!

If your littles need more substance to their lunch mine are little, snacking birds you can easily cut out some lunch meat to put between the cracker and the cheese of your little chicks.

I would say you could do some milk to go along with this adventure; buuuut… the idea of drinking milk on a hot day makes my stomach turn and every day down here in Georgia in a hot day so we will stick to good old water.



Yes, I know, if you have been following along with BlissfullyCreating for a while you will know I did the zoo in my last posting about themed family outings.

BUT listen!

This one is different.

Well, the exploring the zoo bit is the same; but the themed lunch is new!

Our littles love, love, love the zoo! They enjoy seeing animals constantly and would probably live at the zoo if it were allowed.

I touched on this themed lunch in my creating birthday adventures post; but didn’t give many details.

While exploring the zoo your littles are bound to get hungry! So, instead of a one meal thing, this is a Hungry, Hungry Animal Hunt! Have your littles keep their eyes out for certain animals and when they find said animal they get another portion of their lunch. I researched the animals that would be at the zoo and then looked up what their zoo diet consisted of to create this lunch.

{creating birthday adventures} hungry, hungry, hungry2{creating birthday adventures} hungry, hungry, hungry1

What you will need to create this lunch will depend on if you choose the animals I did or if you fine tune it to the zoo near you. For this specific zoo, the Jacksonville Zoo you need…

*these are not necessary; but are super cute and super fun!*

I created labels by hand, two for each container. For example, one reading “I am a hungry, hungry, hungry bear…” and the second reading “Feed me blueberries”. I then placed one on top of the mason jar lid and tied the other, with the animal, around the mouth of the jar.

For the food, preparation was pretty simple! I cooked the chicken nuggets for the Komodo dragon the night before and then refrigerated. The littles don’t really mind eating cold nuggets. I washed off the blueberries and put them in the bear jar. I sliced apples and put them in the rhinoceros jar. I poured raisins into the gorilla jar. Then filled the elephant jar with carrots. Done!

This one is probably one of the easiest to set up! Also, the littles really enjoyed the game and the constant snacks!



This last summer, while we were still in Virginia, we took a fun adventure to a carousel! Who doesn’t love a carousel?! Simple, cute, photogenic fun!

If you can’t find one like the Dentzel Carousel in Virginia, you can probably find one in a mall near you!

After all this animal riding your littles are surely ready to eat some lunch!


What you will need to create this lunch is…

To create this fun, themed lunch I sprayed the pretzel rods with the edible gold paint, waiting for them to dry before rotating and spraying more. I then used the cookie cutter to cut out two horses out of bread per sandwich. I spread some Nutella and then closed the sandwich around the golden rod. For the animal crackers and carousel cookies I just mixed the two together and served as such. Lastly, I brought carrot sticks for our hungry horses!

Who doesn’t ride a carousel hoping to have a Mary Poppins moment?!



Ok, so I know what you are thinking, The Library?! Really?! Hear me out! Sometimes it rains and rains and rains and you have to come up with some indoor activities. We ended up rearranging an outdoor picnic to view planes taking off and landing at the local airport into a fun adventure to the library followed by a living room picnic while watching the movie Planes.

For this bookworm mom a trip to the library is always an adventure! However, if you want to make it more fun you can create a scavenger hunt to go a long. Things like find a book with a purple cover, find a book about books, find a book about your favorite animal, and so on and so forth.

You could also take a page – yes, I just did that – from our acts of kindness with our Kindness Elves and write out some sweet notes on post-its and randomly place them between pages of books for an unsuspecting reader to find!

After all the reading and hunting and kindness your little bookworms will be hungry for more than just words!

{creating MORE themed family outings}library lunch

What you will need to create this lunch is…

For the apple with the book worm I just dug out a small hole from the apple, cut a gummy worm in half, and then use a toothpick to position the worm as though it were coming out of the hole. For the little book I took a Babybel cheese will and cut it to look like a tiny book. Then I created a planet earth sandwich by cutting out circles from slices of bread and spreading them with some dyed blue cream cheese and some green sugar sprinkles because reading books allows you to travel the world.

Now your trip to your local library just got a little bit more exciting!


Star Gazing

This one isn’t so much a lunch as it’s a themed dinner and it isn’t so much an outing as a trip to the back yard. Depending on where you live anyway! You could definitely drive out to a more open area that’s further away from a city if necessary so that you can get better views.

As a kid we used to go up north for a week in the summer and most of the nights up there were spent around the camp fire or in a row boat out on the lake looking up at the stars. Definitely a fond childhood memory. And, while I may not let my kids stay up until dark during the summer as of yet, when we happen to be out in the car or just outside during warmer winter evenings we do enjoy taking a moment to gaze up at the stars.

*sorry no fun photos of stargazing, nighttime really isn’t prime photo taking time.*

Your little astronomers, despite eating dinner, are undoubtedly hungry for a snack while gazing at all these stars!

*sorry no fun photos of the themed snack, i suck. next time i make them i will update with a photo.*

What you will need to create the late night snack is…

To create this snack I cut stars out of tortillas, brushed them with a lime and olive oil mixture, and then salted them. Bake them at 350 for fourteen minutes, flipping half way through. Then I just unpeeled the cheese wheels and, there you have it, the moon!

You could easily use this for a family outing to a planetarium too!

Well, there you have it! Five more fun, themed family outings!


Are these outings your family would enjoy?!

Which one are you most excited to do?!


*click on the links and it will take you to where you can purchase the supplies! these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase my blog will make some money and then i can keep on blogging! so that would be awesome!*


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