{manic mom-days}

{clothes shopping}

Shopping for clothes.

We all have to do it.

But man…can it get crazy with littles in tow.

Trying to pick out clothes for the littles while the littles are there can be torture!

Especially as they get older. And more opinionated.

I have definitely lied to my six year old and just been like “aw man! sorry! they don’t have your size!” as I herd them quickly away!

Little Miss’ ability to read really hinders me. So…yay for uniforms for her at school!

Now, if Mom is trying to buy clothes for herself (I know! crazy talk) then things still get crazy!

Trying to peruse the racks for cute clothes while breaking up the bickering bickersons is crazy.

Trying to find your size while fishing your littles out of the middle of the clothing racks is crazy.

Trying to get three littles into one fitting room is crazy.

Trying to keep them in said fitting room while you’re half naked is crazy.

Trying to decide whether or not an outfit looks good on you whilst you’re littles are hogging the mirror with silly faces and interesting dance moves is crazy.

Trying not to sound like a crazy mom to everyone else who is in the fitting room is in fact crazy.

This is why this mom almost never tries things on at the store. I take the risk and just know that I can return it at a later date.

Or, more realistically, I just don’t buy myself new clothes.


Because there’s always something more adorable and necessary for the littles to wear!

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Momday!


Is clothes shopping this crazy for anyone else?!

Do you buy yourself clothes or your littles clothes more often?!

Is it just my kids that get…weird in front of mirrors?!


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