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{5 reasons to send a card & 5 ways to recycle a card}

There are many reasons to send someone a card.

And honestly, who doesn’t love getting mail?!

Just knowing someone {who isn’t trying to sell you something} took the extra time and the extra effort to send you some snail mail is enough to make anyone smile!

The Dollar Tree is making card sending even easier!

Starting today the Dollar Tree near you will be carrying Hallmark cards!

For $1 each (or some even being 2 for $1) you can easily celebrate every moment without breaking the bank. Even if you live on the opposite side of the country!

Here are five reasons you can send someone a card…


A Birthday

One common reason to send a card is to celebrate a loved one’s birthday!

{5 reasons to send} birthday

This sweet card from Hallmark’s heartline collection would be perfect for a friend or a family member!

All you need to do is add a little birthday cake doodle and pop it in the mail!


A Baby

Another reason to send a loved one a card is to celebrate the addition of a baby to the family!

{5 reasons to send} baby

This card from Hallmark’s heartline collection sweetly depicts the joys of added laundry with the addition of a baby.

You could easily add in a gift card for all the baby necessities or write in some helpful parenting tips from one mom to another!


A Job Well Done

Sometimes you have to celebrate a job well done! Whether it be successfully graduating from college or your niece learning to bake cookies and sending you some, sometimes you just need to let your loved ones know they are doing a great job.

{5 reasons to send} bravo

This card is also from Hallmark’s heartline collection and is a super cute, simple way to tell a loved one that you are proud of their achievements!

There’s a ton of space inside to write just how proud of them you are too!


A Bad Day

If someone you love is having a hard time, a bad day, an off week it’s nice to be able to send them a card just to let them know you are there for them.

{5 reasons to send} hugs

This sweet and simple card from Hallmark’s heartline collection lets your loved one know that you are here for them, whatever they may need. Be it a shoulder, an ear, or a hug.

Finish it with an XOXO and it’s ready to be sent to brighten someone’s day!


A Thank You

Whether you want to say thank you for a gift you received, for a couch crashed on, or just for being an amazing friend the Dollar Tree has you covered!

{5 reasons to send} thank you

Another card from Hallmark’s heartline collection, this one is a super sweet way to thank a loved one for whatever reason you may have.

Who doesn’t love to be thanked?!

Whatever your reason for sending a loved one a Hallmark card, the Dollar Tree has got the perfect one for you!

Now, you have a bunch of cards after your little’s birthday or after a wedding or after a holiday just sitting around.

You feel a little guilty about throwing them out; but also, what do you need to save all of these cards for?!

Well, don’t panic! Here are five ways you can recycle those cards your loved ones are sending you…


A Gift Tag

You can easily take cards you have received and cut them into cute gift tags!

You could cut out a simple shape or the first letter of the gifts recipient’s name.

The options for shape and size are endless!

It is so quick and simple!


A Bookmark

Are you an avid reader like me?!

Are you always looking for a bookmark for when the littles interrupt your reading?!

Look no further!

{5 ways to recycle} bookmark

You can cut up cards to create easy bookmarks.


A New Card

You can take old cards to create a new card!

I took a couple old cards, punched out some little hearts, and then stitched them to a new blank card to create a little love note to send to someone!

How cute is this?!

And oh how simple!

If you don’t want to hand stitch the paper hearts you could easily use a sewing machine, or even more easily just glue them down.

And if you use glue you can get your littles involved in the card creating process.


A Gift Box

You could take old cards and create cute, little gift boxes with them!

I even positioned the bottom box so that it would have a cute little phrase in the bottom of the gift box!

{5 ways to recycle} giftbox5

An easy way to make a quick gift box! Because you never seem to have one laying around when you need one


An Art Project

Lastly, you can use old cards to create an art project with your littles.

The options are endless; but we created these cute little hedgehogs!

They’re so fun and simple!

{5 ways to recycle} artwork4

AND how cute is this little guy?!

I just love hedgehogs!

Well, there you have it!

Five great reasons to send some love to someone you love! AND five things to do with the cards you get in return!

So really, you have no excuses!

Go to your local Dollar Tree and buy some cards!

Who will you send some love?!

What project will you do next time you receive a card in the mail?!

*i was compensated for this post. this post also contains affiliate links and i will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.*


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