{manic mom-days}


Sorry for my last minute vacation last week!

But…it was needed.

So, as you know we have been counting down a Daddy Work Trip over here.

Well, a couple weeks ago Daddy got to come home early.


There is always a but with these types of things when it comes to the military.

But, it meant coming home and then leaving again for training.

Last week we had to say goodbye again after what felt like he was home for five seconds.

Goodbyes can be all too frequent and always so hard when it comes to the military lifestyle.

Our littles hate goodbyes.

We have had the most pitiful faces as we drive away from a friend’s house. We have had full on tears at the airport while we hug Gramma. We have had long drawn out hugs as we say goodbye to friends who we will see the very next day.

I think the hardest person for our littles to say goodbye to though is Daddy. Of course that’s probably because he’s the one they are forever saying goodbye to.

Here are five things I want to do; but know that I shouldn’t do, when it comes to Daddy’s crazy work schedule.

  1. Indulge Every Whim – When I look at their sad little faces and their tear filled eyes I literally just want to give them anything and everything to make them feel better. I literally almost stopped to get them ice cream at six in the morning last week because I just wanted to make them smile. However, just because Daddy is gone doesn’t mean they don’t get to hear the word ‘no’.
  2. Be Extra –  I want to make every day feel extra special while Daddy is gone! Field trips, art projects, science projects; but this gets exhausting. Quick. It’s an impossible goal to maintain for this Mommy.
  3. Skip School – While Daddy is home; but not working full days it is super tempting to not make Little Miss go to school. And watching that sad, sad face look back at us as she snail walks to the bus is pitiful. However, skipping school is not really a habit I want to start in First Grade. So, off to school she went. Looking sad and pitiful. Two of the days she tried getting the school nurse to send her home…..
  4. Couch Potatoes – It is so tempting to sit and create little, cuddly, couch potatoes! Because Mommy has feelings too and also misses Daddy the thought of just gathering them up on the couch for days and days of cuddling and movies definitely crosses my mind. A lot. But we all know staying active and keeping busy is much better!
  5. Breaking Routine – Lastly, there is the urge to stray from their routine. DON’T DO IT! Letting them stay up late or eat in the living room instead of the kitchen sounds like such a good way to make them happy; but, trust me, it’s only momentary and it’s not worth it. The carpets then need to get steam cleaned AGAIN! Everyone is way over tired from staying up too late and getting up too early. And it’s just not as fun as it sounds. Stick to your routine.

I try not to slip into any of these rabbit holes.

Not going to lie though.

We had a couch potato day last week.

And I let them get McDonald’s for lunch and order pizza for dinner.

All in the same day.

Worst mom ever over here.

But I didn’t stay in the hole long. The next day we woke up and hit the ground running with our routine and good eating habits!

Because, in the long run, that’s what is best!

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Momday!


How do your littles handle goodbyes?!

Which goodbyes are the hardest?!


This is one of those times when being able to order all the junk food and all the comfort food right from my couch while the littles all cuddle by using Instacart* is AMAZING! Bring on the ice cream and the chocolate and the tissues and maybe I’ll throw in some bananas for good measure!

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