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{craft six – a “find me” bottle}

Congratulations to Nathalie for guessing the quick craft correctly and winning a Starbucks gift card!

Here is what the final project looks like!

{quick crafts with bc} craft six - finished product

It’s a “find me” bottle!

Also known as, busy bottles or sensory bottles, at least that’s what I am told. Who knew?!

Apparently all of Pinterest.


Anyway, our Little Miss loves playing I Spy. And there are only so many times in row this Mommy can guess “something green”.


Insert a “find me” bottle!

Want the quick how to on this cool busy bottle that’s a mommy free I spy?!

All the supplies you need are…

  • rice
  • a bottle
  • fun things to hide inside
  • a list of what they need to look for

That’s all you need!!

{quick crafts with BC} step one

First, find your bottle and make sure it is cleaned out.

{quick crafts with bc}craft six - clue four

You don’t want anything growing in there…

{quick crafts with BC} step two

Then collect the little things you want to hide inside your bottle. I chose some bigger beads, some charms, and some little beads with letters on them that spell out Little Miss’ name.

{quick crafts with bc}craft six - clue two

These beads are so fun! And I had them in some of her favorite colors!


{quick crafts with BC} step three

Next up, start layering your rice and the little objects until the bottle is mostly full.

{quick crafts with bc}craft six - clue three

I used dyed rice because I had some and I thought it made it look more fun!

{quick crafts with BC} step four

Next step is making a list of the objects your littles need to find. I used pictures for mine; but you can just write it out too! Or don’t make a list at all and just let them be surprised by what they can find!

{quick crafts with bc}craft six - tag

{sorry for the blurry photo…life happens…but you get the idea…}

{quick crafts with BC} step five

Lastly, attach your list to the bottle! I laminated mine and then attached it with a rubber band.

In the words of Cuddle Bug, Easy Peasy!

{quick crafts with bc} craft six - filled




What would you put in your bottle?!

Let me know your thoughts!

I love hearing from you guys! Thanks for playing!




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