quickly creating

{craft seven – winter wonderland “snow globe”}

Congratulations to Nathalie for guessing the quick craft correctly and winning a Starbucks gift card!

Here is what the final project looks like!


{quick crafts} craft seven - finished

It’s a winter wonderland “snow globe”!

Little Miss is quite upset with me for calling it a snow globe. Mostly because she’s not allowed to pick it up and shake the wintery scene until it’s all a blizzard.

I am waiting for the day when I walk into the living room and find Little Miss perched, precariously on top of the book shelf with baking soda, snowy trees, and white rabbits strewn about her. #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings

Want the quick how to on this winter wonderland?!

All the supplies you need are…

  • a piece of wood
  • wintery things
  • baking soda & coarse salt
  • a fish bowl *minus the fish*

That’s all you need!!

{quick crafts with BC} step one

First, find the *magic* spot to place your winter wonderland scene. Ideally somewhere away from jam hands.

I think this was the hardest part of this project for me.


Once the perfect a good enough spot was found, I placed my piece of wood down.

You can use any shape or size piece of wood, it just depends on what you make your globe with. I had an extra circle board from Creating a Starry Night, so I chose that.

{quick crafts with BC} step two

Second, I sprinkled the baking soda on the board.

{quick crafts} craft seven - snow

You can make as deep of snow as you like.


{quick crafts with BC} step three

Next step, set up your wintery scene in the snow.


Mine involved some snow dusted Fir trees, a truck, and some snow bunnies.

{quick crafts with BC} step four

Now, you can take some coarse salt and dusted the scene.

{quick crafts} craft seven - salt

You don’t have to do this; but when the light hits the salt it gives off a nice sparkle! Which could probably be achieved through glitter too; but glitter is the worst! Kidding, not kidding.

{quick crafts with BC} step five

Lastly, you just set your fish bowl upside down over the scene!

You don’t have to use a fish bowl, lots of large glass containers could work.

I even used a mason jar to create a little winter wonderland to sit on the same ledge.


{quick crafts} craft seven - fish bowl



What would you put in your winter wonderland?!

Let me know your thoughts!

I love hearing from you guys! Thanks for playing!




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