{manic mom-days}

{christmas countdown}

‘Tis the season for holidays!

And along with holidays comes the anticipation for said holidays!

Which means counting down to the holidays!

In our house we have a countdown to Christmas and each day the littles get some sort of gift.

It’s usually something simple like a little animal figurine or a hair bow or a bit of candy.

Santa *read that Mom* spends all night on 30th of November finding the perfect hanging spot, filling their mittens, and then hanging them up on the clothesline.

Finding the perfect spot to put the countdown is complicated.

I want it somewhere they can see it and enjoy it. However, I don’t want them to be able to reach it.

I have tried lots of different locations in various homes and hotel rooms that we have spent our Decembers in over the past six years and it is only getting harder.

As Little Miss gets older her need to be sneaky and know what’s in the mittens gets stronger.

Having little brothers only helps.

She has easily talked Bug into pulling down mittens and sneaking the contents into their pockets. And then all her drama skills come out when it’s time to open that particular mitten days later and lo and behold there is no present! *GASP* “Mommy wherever could it be?!”

Yeah. Real convincing.

She even tried to blame her Kindness Elves and say that they must have forgotten to fill all of the mittens.

I can’t even with her sometimes.

Now, with Little Bear, putting things high isn’t necessarily the answer.

Putting things up high just gives him more motivation to climb.

It’s as though he sees the challenge, accepts it, and then instantly overcomes it. With chairs. And tables. And counters.


So, this year I hung it up, not super high or out of the way; but I did put it in the kitchen. Which is the one room I still gate off! That means, until Little Bear solves the gate challenge, the kitchen is rather neutral territory.

That is if everyone remembers to keep the gate closed.

Which they usually don’t.

Well, I have a Bear to get off the TV stand, so there you have it. It’s been just another Manic Momday!


What holidays do you celebrate in your house?!

And how do you countdown to the holidays?!


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