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{work trip wednesdays: top five}

Well, Daddy’s work trip has come to an end, like a month and a half ago and so has the weekly daddy book opening.

I wanted to wrap it up with a post about our five favorite books of all the ones we opened up and read.

These are our top five picks, in no particular order.

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First on our list of top five is the very first book we opened…

My Daddy Sleeps Everywhere

My Daddy Sleeps Everywhere by Jesse Franklin.*

We loved the sweet accuracy of Daddy being able to sleep anywhere. It was a touching story about how Daddy may be sleeping places other than home, be it a plane or the desert or broken houses; but no matter where he lays his head, his favorite place is always at home with you.

The littles really enjoyed this one and it was probably the most read book of the bunch!

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Second book in our top five is…

Hero Dad

Hero Dad by Melinda Hardin.*

This book does such a great job of making the things soldiers do sound super! It turns the every day soldier into a super hero in the eyes of their littles. It takes things like the camouflage they wear and says it makes them invisible. It talks about how soldiers may not have side kicks; but they have entire platoons at their side.

The boys are big into the whole super hero thing so they really loved this book!

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Our third pick is…

Daddy's Boots

Daddy’s Boots by Sandra Miller Linhart.*

We loved how this book uses boots to show all the important jobs a soldier may have. The beginning is so sweet where the boy sees Daddy’s boots out and he knows that that means they will soon carry his Daddy off. In an attempt to prevent this he tries to hide Daddy’s boots. So sweet! I can definitely relate to the want to hide things to keep them from leaving.

The littles especially loved the “project” that went along with this one! But we’ll talk about that next week!

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Our fourth pick is…

Night Catch

Night Catch by Brenda Ehrmantraut.*

I loved that this one touched on the whole time difference aspect of a Work Trip. This was something that was hard for the littles to grasp.

What do you mean Daddy is sleeping right now? It’s lunch time!

What do you mean Daddy is at work right now?! It’s bed time!

So much confusion. However, this book helped with that a bit. It’s a sweet story about a father and son continuing to play catch even through a deployment. Instead of playing with a ball and mitt though, they played with stars.

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Lastly, our fifth pick is…

Dad and the Dinosaur

Dad and the Dinosaur by Gennifer Choldenko & Dan Santat.*

A book about a boy who is afraid of the dark; but who also wants to be brave like Daddy. In order to be brave he relies on a little, toy dinosaur that he always has with him, until one night he loses it and the scary things being to close in.

This story reminded me of how during Little Miss’ first Work Trip she would almost always carry her elephant around with her. She was super attached to Elephant, tears were shed one night when we found we had left him at school, feet were stomped when he had to be washed, and toys were thrown when he went missing in her room.


Here’s the adorable culprit and his littler Little Miss (with a very pregnant Mommy).

It was funny how when Daddy returned her need to have Elephant always slackened. He was still around; but the need to be holding him wasn’t as intense. It was a little bit sad; but I understood it was her way of feeling safe while Daddy was away.

Well, those are our top five favorite books from our countdown!

Stay tuned for next week when we’ll have another “top five” post!


Have you read any of these books with your littles?!

Do your littles have something they cling to when things get a bit scary?!


*click on the book covers or titles and it will link you to where you can purchase them! these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase my blog will make some money and then i can keep on blogging! so that would be awesome!*


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