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{worst. mom. ever.}

I know I like to joke about how I am the worst mom ever.

I do something like refuse to let my kid run with scissors and it is the end of the world. And obviously I am the worst mom ever for ruining their fun.


Cuddle Bug wanted BOTH bags of chips, I said he had to share.


I’m the worst because I let him top his pizza and then had to bake it.


Little Bear rolled himself over and it’s all my fault.


I wouldn’t let Cuddle Bug eat the keys he was breaking off from the keyboard so, obviously, I’m the worst.


I asked Little Miss to take a picture with me. The audacity.


Bug bit me and got yelled at for it.


Clearly, whatever is upsetting them in this photo was in fact my fault. Making me the worst mom ever.

Obviously I have a lot of documentation of my littles thinking I am the worst. I joke about it frequently; but don’t actually believe it. I know they love me. It’s just nice to joke in the face of…of a screaming child.

I decided it would be fun to ask Little Miss some questions about me and us to get a better feel for what she thinks about my parenting and how much she knows Mommy.

So, here are twenty questions that I dared ask our Little Miss.

I started by calling for her to come by me and sit down. To which she responded “Am I in trouble?” *face palm* This is a great start…


1. What is something I say to you a lot?

Come here…put your nose on the wall.

Oh boy! This is going to be a rough 20 questions.

2. What is something that makes me happy?

Quiet time.

3. What is something that makes me sad?

When you’re alone, like in the car.

4. What is something I am really good at?

Drawing and decorating.

5. What is something that I am not very good at?

Lifting weights. *snicker, snicker*

6. What is something I do that makes you proud?

When you put up the decorations.

7. What is something I do that makes you laugh?

When you do something super funny.

Like what?

Like trying to get the cat in the bathroom.

8. When you think mom, what do you think?

You and me picking sunflowers.

9. What is my favorite thing to do?

This one took her awhile to answer.


10. Where is my favorite place to go?

Cook out.

11. What do I do when you’re not home?


12. What do I do after you fall asleep?

Watch The Office!

13. What is my favorite thing to eat?

Pasta. I think. I know your favorite thing to drink! 

Oh yeah?


She’s not wrong!

14. If I was a character in one of your books, who would I be?

Doctor Dolittle’s bird. Because birds can be yellow.

15. What is something we have in common?

Our hair and our eyes.

16. What is something that is different about us?

Our clothes. The movies we like to watch.

17. What is something we enjoy doing together?

Going for walks.

18. What do I like most about Daddy?

His massages.

19. How do I make you feel loved?

Because you’re Mom.

20. What’s my favorite thing about you?

That I love horses just like you.


Well, I’m not sure if that went well or not.

Some of her responses were slightly confusing. She was concerned she was going to answer the questions incorrectly and I had to keep reminding her that there were no right or wrong answers!

It was interesting to get to see myself through her eyes.

It shows me that I could work on some things, like what she thinks I say the most. However, it also shows me that I am doing alright in some areas, like that her favorite thing we do together is being active and taking walks.

Are you brave enough to ask your little these questions?!


how is my momming?

how is my momming?


Here is a free printable so you can do just that!


Do you dare?!

How do you think your littles will respond?!

Are you the worst mom ever too?!


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