{on the fourth day of christmas…}

Merry fourth day of Christmas!

On the fourth day of Christmas my bookshelf gave to me

four family foes,

three old friends,

two shrinking twits,

and one big Holy Shit! moment!

For the fourth day of Christmas I read…

Go Set a Watchman

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee*.

This book was actually Harper Lee’s first book; but it takes place after To Kill a Mockingbird timeline wise. It was just as well written as the one we all read in school and it took me right back into the southern world of Maycomb, Alabama. This time Scout is much older, twenty-six now, and she is visiting home. The home she comes back to starts to feel less like home and she ends up feeling out of place with her aunt, her uncle, and even with her father.

It was such a good book and I am so glad it was published! It brings to light a world that a lot of people know little about and that is always a great thing for a book.

I cannot recommend this book enough!

Stay tuned for what my book shelf will bring me tomorrow!


Did you read Harper Lee in middle school too?!

Have you read this one? Did you enjoy it?!


*click on the book cover or titles and it will link you to where you can purchase them! these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase my blog will make some money and then i can keep on blogging! so that would be awesome!*


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