{on the fifth day of christmas…}

Merry fifth day of Christmas!

On the fifth day of Christmas my bookshelf gave to me

five “hill-bill-ies”,

four family foes,

three old friends,

two shrinking twits,

and one big Holy Shit! moment!

For the fifth day of Christmas I read…

 Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis

Hillbilly Elegy:  A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance*.

I know a couple people who had read this book and I had heard nothing but great things about it. Not to mention, that cover! *Guilty of judging a book by a cover here!* So, when I was looking for twelve new books to dig into for this little bookworm adventure, this one stood out as a must read.

I was not disappointed at all!

I don’t think I really have a specific genre or type of book that I most typically stick to; but I feel like if I hadn’t heard from reliable readers or done this twelve days of Christmas I would not have picked up this great book.

Also, with my goal of reading more off list this year, I have allowed myself to pick up so many books that I have heard such great things about.

Anyway, back to this book, this was such a great read that brought me a window into a world I know knew nothing about. It is a memoir of Vance’s about his Kentucky Appalachian family that relocated to Ohio. It discusses the hardships of being in this world; from seeing family arguments on the front lawns of his neighborhood, drug abuse within his family, cops arresting family members. However, he portrays an extremely close relationship with his Grandmother who always pushed him to be his best self. It also portrays a great relationship between him and his older sister.

I do feel emotionally involved with characters often while reading well written books; but not always to the point of tears. This was one that had me crying while cooking dinner – I was listening to the audiobook. It was such a great, albeit emotional, read.

Stay tuned for what my book shelf will bring me tomorrow!


Do you ever cry while reading?

Do you stick to a specific genre when picking books?


*click on the book cover or title and it will link you to where you can purchase them! these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase my blog will make some money and then i can keep on blogging! so that would be awesome!*


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