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{attitude of gratitude}

One of the fellow bloggers that I follow posted about this virtual gathering of bloggers that flood the internet with happiness!

The rules are simple, you set a timer for fifteen minutes and use that time to just list all of this things you are thankful for or that made you happy in the past year, in this case, in 2018. However, to get more detail you can look here to see what the blogger who started it all has to say.

If you want to join in on this, which would be awesome, then make sure you link your’s here to share with all the other bloggers who are partaking! Fellow bloggers will be able to see what you have to be thankful for and you can read what other’s are have to be thankful for.

As my husband was gaming and my three littles were running around and my in-laws were visiting for the holidays; I sat down, set my timer, and started my list…

  1. My husband – for doing so much for our family.
  2. My daughter – for teaching me the meaning of strong-willed on a daily basis.
  3. My bug – for all the cuddles and all the love you give me
  4. My bear – for challenging me. each and every day.
  5. My family – my parents, my in-laws, all of my siblings.
  6. My army family – my family away from family which is oh so important to me.
  7. My dog 
  8. Our new cat
  9. My closest girlfriends – who are always there when needed
  10. My many, many books
  11. Our tearful welcome home – bringing a deployment to a close was one of the best parts of this year.
  12. My camera – for recording so many memories.
  13. Our big back yard – so much room to play in!
  14. My computer – allowing me to stay in touch and blog.
  15. My phone
  16. Late nights with friends – nothing is more cathartic than staying up too late with great people.
  17. Sleeping in – now that the husband is home from deployment!
  18. Traveling – always love an adventure!
  19. Air conditioning – because the south is hot guys.
  20. Trips to the ocean
  21. Road trips
  22. Audio books – for getting me through so many books this past year.
  23. Music – dance parties with my littles.
  24. A new job
  25. My little (not so little) book and painting and such club
  26. Projects to keep me busy
  27. Face masks – Little Miss and I have a new found love for doing these together.
  28. Gilmore girls
  29. Hot water
  30. Ice cream
  31. Birthdays!
  32. Chocolate
  33. Instagram 
  34. Facebook – both of these for helping me keep in touch.
  35. A good planner
  36. COCA COLA – can’t believe it took me this long to put this one down.
  37. My sister’s wedding – which brought the family together
  38. A car – gets us out of the house and where we need to go
  39. Our fish – for surviving way longer than we thought possible!
  40. Good handwriting – good handwriting makes me calm.
  41. A cozy blanket
  42. Adventures
  43. Family time
  44. Hiking
  45. Talking on the phone

I wrote the basics down within the timeframe and then went back afterwards to put in the embellishments.

I thought I would get more in; but I got distracted, thank you constant chaos!


How long would your list be?!

What happiness did 2018 bring you?!


4 thoughts on “{attitude of gratitude}

  1. Yay! So glad you joined in! I’ve got mad appreciation for the fact that you managed this with three babes around! My house is empty, and I still hardly find the time. This list is beautiful for its connections and the reminder that some days it’s very simple pleasures that get us thru!
    I didn’t see your link on the InLinkz, but I’m adding your post to my blog. IF you had trouble with adding your link, feel free to PM me at my Tales From the Motherland FB page, and I’ll walk you thru’ it. I’m currently overseas, waiting for my 2nd grandchild (and time now!), but I’ll check in there and help you out, if you want to add a link. For some reason this year, it got all messed up and several people have had trouble doing it. Again, thanks for joining the Attitude of Gratitude; I’m grateful! Dawn at Tales From the Motherland.

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    1. aww i haven’t had a chance to get on my computer yet to link it; but i’ll let you know if i have troubles! it was so fun to sit and list all the great things!
      congratulations on the upcoming family addition!! that is so exciting!!!

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