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SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO…I was totally under the impression that this had been posted for me yesterday, I guess it didn’t. Sorry! Things are crazy right now; but I won’t bore you with lame excuses you don’t care about anyway. On that note, here’s the posting I know you have been dying to read waiting impatiently for …just kidding… Continue reading {wrapping presents}


Blogger Newbie: Maggie (@ BlissfullyCreating) | Creating Little Bookworms

Originally posted on Lost In A Story:
I would like to start this post by apologizing for being the worst host possible because I had completely forgotten about this. Sorry, Maggie! Anyway, I’ve been hosting a project called Newbie Bloggers and in this post, I’ll introduce you to Maggie from BlissfullyCreating. So I’ll give the word…