quickly creating

{craft eight – homemade cookie cutter}

Congratulations to Emma for guessing the quick craft correctly and winning a Starbucks gift card! Here is what the final project looks like!       It’s a homemade cookie cutter! I had a holiday party for work and I got it in my head that it would be SO cute to make little hats… Continue reading {craft eight – homemade cookie cutter}

kith & kin

{creating a monster cake for my little monster}

So, for my little monster’s second birthday she got a MONSTER (shocking) pajama party.  Complete with monster paper dolls, sock monster favors, and, of course, a monster cake!  It couldn’t be a monster party without a monster cake. What you will need to create your own monster cake: a round cake pan a cake mix… Continue reading {creating a monster cake for my little monster}